Inclement weather Policy


In the event of inclement weather, our Sunday morning activities will be as follows: 

11:00am worship service only.

The service will be in the Family Life Center as that part of our parking lot is more easily cleaned, has less sidewalk and less slope, and will reduce the amount of snow, ice, etc. tracked into the building. The decision to implement this policy will be made by the Pastor, Lay Leader, Worship Chair, and Property& Facility Chair.

The announcement will be made over local TV stations, email, and Facebook.

This decision will be made prior to 7am on Sunday morning. If the weather is difficult, please use your own discretion in attempting to come to church. It is the intent of the Church Council to insure that we provide a worship opportunity while looking after the safety and well-being of members and guests.


Inclement Weather (winter weather as well as tornado watches and warnings) Policy for Children and Youth for Morris Chapel will be determined on a case by case basis. The Pastor, Youth Director and Children's Director will confer on each case before a decision is made. A decision will be made no later than 3 hours before an event or activity is supposed to take place. The following means of communication you will be notified according to availability, email, Social Media, Website, and Text. 


The Weekday Ministries program, the Food Pantry, and other activities and meetings throughout the week, other than those listed above, follow the WSFCS closings schedule.

***Please use your best judgement when deciding to travel in inclement weather. Stay safe, stay warm!